Check out the cool features your new CloudIntern bot has to offer!

By Adam Wen
April 29, 2021

1. Omnichannel inbox

Manage all conversations across multiple channels from one centralized inbox.

2. Live Chat to Chatbot

Switch seamlessly from chatbot to a human agent with just a click.

3. Capture sales & leads

Get all in-depth information of your leads and win more happy customers.

4. Audience/Leads Tagging

Categorise and organise your leads based on the conversations they have with your Bot. You can do this by using our Tags feature, or save their User Attributes on the fly with Checkpoints.

5. Bot Builder (Advanced)

Customise the way your Bot carries out a conversation to give it your own unique look and feel! Make use of our Editor, and utilise the various Blocks

6. CMS (Advanced)

When you start adding a lot of data to your Bot, it can get difficult to manage. Hence you can make use of our unique Content Management System feature to organise and update your Bot more efficiently. Read more about the CMS here.

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