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Manage Chatbot Data with CMS

By Adam Wen
April 29, 2021

What is CMS

With CMS (Content Management System), you can create and manage digital contents for your bots.

Also, CMS allows your customers to browse your products on chatbots easily. CMS by CloudIntern are made of Entities and Items:

  • Entity is a set of items that have the same attributes (fields).

  • Item is a data object that has attributes (fields) defined and grouped by Entity.

Why should you use CMS for chatbot

Using CMS, you can get some benefits:

  • Easily maintain and update the data.

  • Support with multiple languages.

  • CMS Items can be filtered and linked.

  • Loading CMS data into blocks in Bot Builder helps you update the content of blocks automatically if there is any change from the Entity of CMS.

Set up CMS

Define New Entity

1. Head up to the button New Entity in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Enter the Entity Name to manage your content system.

3. Click Create to finish defining an Entity.

Create an Entity

1. Select the button configuration next to the Entity name in the list of Entities to update or add many Fields for each Entity.

2. You could not be able to edit or delete the Name and Status fields. 

In order to add a new field, you need to fill in the information:

  • Field Name: define the name of an Entity (eg. Photo, Price, Description, etc).

  • Field Unique Name: the value of this data can not be duplicated with Field Unique Name of other fields.

  • Data Type: there are 7 types of field below:

    • Text: This field is a text.

    • Text (multiple values): This field is a set of paragraphs.

    • Single Option: This field is a value that was defined before.

    • Multiple Options: This field is a set of values that was defined before.

    • Entities Reference: This field could link to another Entity's item. It shows the relationship between the current Entity and referred Entity. 

    • Photo: This field is a photo uploaded from your computer.

    • Date: Data in the form of date.


Create CMS Item

1. Select the New Item button on the upper right corner of the screen to create a new item.

2. Fill in all the needed information: There are two default fields which are Name and Status in each Entity:

  • Name: define the name for items of an Entity.

  • Status: carry one of two values Enabled / Disabled

    • Enabled when an item is used and listed in the blocks in the flow.

    • Disabled when an item is deactivated and just be listed only in the CMS site. It will not be shown in other places.

3. Click the Create button to complete.

Edit and Update CMS Item

Sometimes, you want to update the data of Item in the Entity. To do so, you need to choose an item to be edited first. After that, a pop-up window will appear and allow you to edit the items. You just update those items and save them.

For unilingual Bot

Update an item as normally with the language you set up for your bot in the beginning. You can't switch between languages due to the fact that there is only one language chosen.

For multilingual Bot

In order to update an item using different languages, you can follow these steps below:

1. Click on an item to open the editing window.

2. Click the button Change Editing Language in the right corner of the editing window in Item.

3. Update the item data in other languages.

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